Apple Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard

아마존에서 선주문을 받고 있다.
$129이면.. 그냥 iMAC을 하나 사서 번들로 받는게 낫지 않을까?ㅋ
암튼.. 10월말까지면…
그 전에는 확실히 나온다는 것 아닌가?

돈을 모아야 하눈뎅..

  • Full native 64-bit support that allows applications to take complete advantage of 64-bit processing while maintaining full performance and compatibility for existing 32-bit Mac OS X applications and drivers.
  • Security enhancements including anti-phishing protection in Mail and Safari™, and an automatic firewall that limits network resources available to an application.
  • Photo Booth, Apple’s fun-to-use application that lets users take quick snapshots with an iSight™ video camera, add entertaining visual effects with the touch of a button, and share them via email.
  • Scheduled to ship in October 2007
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